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The Poppy Umbrella was created by our family in 1998. It features a unique red poppy design on the cover and was inspired by the Flanders poppies growing on the battlefields of the First World War in Belgium and France. Twenty of our family members served in the military in WW1. Five of them never came home. In their memory we have spent over 30 years studying, visiting and guiding on the 1914-1918 battlefields of the Western Front.

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“Remembering”, All Year Round

We created this special umbrella in 1998 as a striking design to remind us all of the importance of Remembrance, any day of the week, all year round. It can be used throughout the seasons - providing shelter from the rain and shade from the sun.

The Poppy Umbrella has proved to be an imaginative and popular gift item, directly helping to generate significant proceeds for the good work carried out by military-related welfare, educational and WW1 heritage organizations dedicated to preserving the memory of those who have served their country in times of war. Most of our Poppy Umbrellas are now sold by a variety of such organizations in their gift shops and, as a family with over 32 years in the regular British Army and a further 12 serving with the Army in a civilian role, we are proud that The Poppy Umbrella has played a part in generating funds for these non-commercial organizations.

Donation to a Military-related Charity

The Not Forgotten Association logo.

You can also purchase our Poppy Umbrellas directly from us at this website. 50p from each umbrella sold via this website is donated by Rembrella to The Not Forgotten Association (Registered Charity in England and Wales No: 229666). This charity was formed shortly after the First World War. It is a Tri-Service charity supporting serving and ex-Service men and women whose lives have been affected by conflict or injury.

Proceeds from umbrella sales on this website also help towards our administrative costs to enable us to continue producing these high quality umbrellas at the lowest cost for those non-commerical organizations who wish to sell The Poppy Umbrella.

For more information about how The Poppy Umbrella helps to raise funds for other organizations when sold in their gift shops, see our page:

The Poppy Umbrella: Fundraising and Donations

Four Poppy Umbrella Styles

Poppy Umbrella Minilite style

See the four styles of our Poppy Umbrellas here:

Poppy Umbrella Styles

Poppy Umbrella Retail Outlets

Musem shop at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, London

See where you can buy The Poppy Umbrella from charities or museums to help support their good work.

Poppy Umbrella Retail Outlets