Rembrella Ltd. Privacy Policy

Data Collection

Information collected from you at the time you place an order is used only to fulfil your order. This data will include your name and address, email address (if applicable) and telephone number in order to fulfil your order.

  1. Online transactions: You enter your credit/debit card details into a secure online order form to be processed by Payment Service Provider (PSP) Secure Hosting at MONEK. A card transaction is notified to Rembrella Ltd. by Secure Hosting.
    Rembrella Ltd. has authorised access to the authorised transaction in order to process the order but does not have access at any time to the cardholder data of the card.
  2. Rembrella Ltd. does not handle or store any cardholder data.

Privacy & Disclosure

  1. Rembrella Ltd. respects your right to privacy. There are no circumstances under which the information we collect will be passed to a third party, unless it is necessary to provide the name, address and telephone number to our courier service or postal service in order to perform the service we provide to despatch your goods.
  2. Rembrella Ltd. will only contact you in connection with your instructions concerning your order and will keep you informed should we have any difficulties providing you with the goods you have ordered.

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